Another year is coming to a close. Huzzah!  Any zeal to celebrate the start of the New Year has been genuinely well-earned. That said, as your celebrations begin, make sure you’re taking advantage of the proper safeguards.

On average, drinking and driving in the United States kills 10,000 annually. The best way to avoid driving drunk is to plan appropriately and eliminate circumstances that either necessitate or create the temptation to drink and drive.

First, consider a more reserved celebration at home, perhaps a “stay-bration.” Many embrace this more conservative approach, choosing to avoid New Year’s revelers that enthusiastically partake in “amateur hour.”

Second, if you must go out to celebrate, do not drink. 

Third, if you must go out to celebrate and you plan on imbibing, then embrace the standard recommendations:

  • Engage a reliable designated driver
  • Plan for the use of a taxi, Uber, or the equivalent
  • Plan for a sleepover at a friend or family member’s place

Finally, as the enthusiasm for New Year’s celebrations rises, please uninstall the phrase “everything in moderation” and, in its place, install the phrase “most things in moderation.” The fact is there are some things you should just never do because it always (or most often) ends so horribly. So please, stay safe and celebrate responsibly!