Define a plan of action to guard against external threats and reduce personal vulnerabilities.

The following actions can help eliminate and/or reduce the probability of consequential events occurring. When events do occur, the below actions may serve to reduce the adverse consequences incurred. 
a—Protect your home by doing the following:

  1. Test fire alarms. If required, change batteries on a fixed periodicity.
  2. Test carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring. If required, change batteries on a fixed periodicity.
  3. Install home security cameras
  4. Install a formidable, fireproof safe for valuables and essential documents

b—Protect your identity and prevent access to your personal data and assets by doing the following: 

  1. Utilize an antivirus software
  2. Employ an online access password consolidation and protection software 
  3. Use a VPN service to guard your location and online identity 
  4. Employ child safeguard software and applications to protect your children

c—Protect life and limb against personal attacks by doing the following:

  1. Enable the location tracking option on your phone (and the phones of your loved ones) 
  2. Conduct thoughtful event planning with allowance for alternate means of escape or exit
  3. Partner with a trusted friend when traveling or during event attendance
  4. Carry personal alert devices to include rape alarms and an emergency whistle
  5. Carry personal defense devices to include mace
  6. Learn and practice self-defense techniques 
  7. Be ready and willing to employ the best defense option i.e., the good sense to turn and run when needed 

At a minimum, review the threats you identified in best practice #1. Now, where appropriate, select the appropriate defense(s) above to reduce risk and help prevent events and adversity for you and your family.

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