Have you ever considered floating to help improve your sleep?

You may be asking: What is “a float?” 

It’s essentially a one-hour session spent floating in a highly concentrated solution of Epsom salts. There are music, lighting, and lid closure options, but to make it simple, imagine returning to your mother’s womb for an hour: free-floating in a warm, dark, quiet confine, allowing your mind to empty, to drift, and to eventually ponder what life might be like when birthed anew! The float pod creates that type of environment, minus the tight quarters of the womb.

Float pods have many proven benefits, including improved sleep following a session, but floating also supports:

Physical Benefits

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Increased healing abilities
  • Pain management
  • Increased immune system functioning
  • Use in athletic training

Mental Benefits

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased reaction time and sensory acuity
  • Sleep schedule maintenance
  • Feelings of euphoria 

At Living Better in the Later Years, we’ve personally tested this method for improving sleep and can attest that it is effective. 

Our Reviews

All-in-all, we found evidence in support of the beneficial claims. Give it a try!

As always, living better in the later years requires behaving differently in the earlier years. Take a baby step this week and consider the unconventional when pondering your next efforts to “sleep well.”

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Header Image Credit: yacobchuk