An honest self-assessment is a crucial component of gaining:

  • Personal understanding
  • Satisfaction in the humble glow of successes achieved, strengths gained, and risks avoided
  • Constructive dissatisfaction in the face of failures endured, weaknesses exposed, and risks encountered
  • Insights into the future actions required to address needs, meet goals, achieve objectives, and avoid risks
  • A higher level of conviction for future action

How can you complete this assessment, though?

With the 12 Living Better Keys in mind, regularly do the following:

  1. Define performance goals and objectives. 
  2. Identify the actions and behavior changes required to achieve the desired level of performance. For help, use LBLY’s annual planning template.
  3. Execute your plan. Track performance throughout the year.
  4. Conduct a comprehensive end-of-year assessment against your plan.  
  5. Repeat this annually. 

Too many people wait until the year’s end to remember they forgot to do what they intended, though. Life is too short. Check in each quarter and review your performance against planned objectives and goals. Take actions and adjust behaviors as needed to amplify gains or otherwise adjust performance trajectory.

Need help? Use Living Better in the Later Years’ Quarterly Assessment Checklist.

If you’re looking for further input, consider opening your performance to objective review. Sharing your results can yield objective and constructive feedback. Should you choose to do so, select one or more individuals who might be willing to provide you feedback. This person or persons should demonstrate four key attributes:

  • Trust: A willingness to respect privacy and preserve confidentiality
  • Wisdom: The ability to effectively assess performance, a skill that typically comes from expertise and experience 
  • Objectivity: The ability to view data or observe behaviors with minimal positive or negative personal bias
  • Respect: A willingness to provide feedback even when the possibility of hurt feelings might exist

An honest assessment of your past performance, present capability, and personal level of risk exposure is the foundation for future actions toward a longer and more fruitful existence.

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