Everyone loves a good bedtime snack, but that snack may be keeping you from a restful sleep. If you must eat before bedtime, choose carefully.

Eating before bedtime is not generally recommended. But going to bed exceedingly hungry can prove detrimental to a good night’s sleep. If you must, helpful snacks that help curb hunger and induce sleep include almonds, walnuts, cherries or tart cherry juice, milk, yogurt, cheese (including cottage cheese), oatmeal, kiwi and bananas, and proteins like hard-boiled eggs or turkey.

Additionally, drinking warm milk or chamomile tea can assist with sleep onset and help create a soothing bedtime ritual.

Avoid consuming simple carbs (e.g., pizza), sugary cereals, desserts, or spicy foods. Avoid drinking soda, juices, or, of course, any caffeinated drink.

When you eat or drink before bed, pay attention to the impact on both the quality and quantity of your sleep.