Have you noticed that our 12 Keys do not discuss money or money management? We do this for a number of reasons, the most important of which is you do not have to have or spend a lot of money to build a longer, more fruitful life. You really don’t.

When you do decide to spend your hard-earned money, consider investing in the following thirteen items for yourself or others. Each is considered an investment toward a longer and more fruitful existence. Some of the following ideas might just inspire a holiday gift or two.

1. Bed, Mattresses, Pillows, and Linens—sleep should be your number one priority. It just makes sense to invest money in the quality and comfort of the place you will spend a third of your life!

2. A Water Filter—adequate hydration is the foundation of a quality diet, but contaminants of all kinds can undermine the benefit. We prefer filters to bottled water for sustainability purposes.

3. Low Cost/High Nutrition Food Items—to name but a few… apples, and oatmeal, and beans, oh my!

4. Footwear—high-quality footwear should provide strong support and comfort during work and play. Take care of your feet and support your posture. 

5. Stand-Up Desk—Sit less; stand more. A desk or accommodating furniture can help keep you on your feet.

6. Books & Qualified Information Sources—feed the mind and nourish the soul with the facts, figures, and insights that come with reading a wide variety of quality material.

7. Computers and phones—mastering the benefits of technology can boost your productivity and enhance the quality of your life in countless ways.

8. Phone and Internet Service—high quality and robust access to a world of ever-increasing services to expand your exploration of the world.

9. Cyber Security Services—protect your privacy and prevent outside access to your personal data, accounts, and family information with virus protection, password privacy, and location services.

10. Theater Performances—treat yourself, as well as family and friends, to the entertainment and intellectual stimulation that comes from the live theater in all of its many forms.

11. A Streaming Music Service—maintain access to virtually the entire world of music in the most sustainable of ways.

12. The Survivor Guide—Death happens. Make an investment in the preparation of your loved ones for the day on the far distant (hopefully) horizon. Gain peace of mind.

13. Performance Monitoring Device(s)—monitoring and feedback can prompt critical assessment and performance improvement. Examples to buy include a quality weight scale and health monitoring wrist apparel.