Conducting a critical assessment of oneself means asking tough questions. Bad behaviors and poor practices can lead to unnecessary life challenges. Let us consider how you might eliminate threats and reduce your vulnerabilities in each of the twelve keys to a long and fruitful life.  Start by asking yourself the following tough questions:

  • Do I have challenges in the coming year that I am unprepared for?
  • How many days do I feel tired before the day even begins?
  • What percentage of my daily diet is made up of “bad” calories (e.g., processed white flour, white rice, and sugar)?
  • What areas of physical performance am I losing (e.g., flexibility, balance, strength, stamina)?
  • Do I lack knowledge in an essential area of life that undermines my well-being?
  • Am I routinely making mistakes that cause me to repeat my work efforts?
  • Am I routinely making mistakes that cause me anxiety?
  • Do I have any high-demand/low-value relationships that need to be adjusted or terminated?
  • What diseases and illnesses were my parents vulnerable to that I am doing little to nothing to address for myself?
  • What addictive elements am I vulnerable to? Which of these am I exposed to? Am I susceptible?
  • If I died tomorrow, would my family know what to do?
  • Am I repeating any of the same mistakes I’ve made before?

By asking yourself these tough questions, you can properly assess challenges and obstacles in your life. You can then move forward, ultimately making more informed decisions than you would have otherwise.