Growing work skills, expanding your knowledge base, and developing behaviors that are safe, productive, and professional are critical to career success. Engage with others that do the following: 

  • Understand workplace risks. Prioritize and demonstrate safe thinking and behavioral practices. 
  • Readily transfer professional knowledge and skill development tips.
  • Share candid and constructive feedback when solicited.
  • Demonstrate teamwork to optimize group efforts.
  • Exude a positive approach to work. Work is work, do not allow negative thinkers to drag down your outlook and personal expenditure of time, energy, and focus. 
  • Share lessons learned and best practices. 
  • Applaud your progress and victories as they occur.

If available, engage others with experience and recognized levels of expertise to provide the above through direct mentorship.

Additionally, set aside time to invest in creating and maintaining networks of professional support and influence. In a busy personal and professional life, an hour a week of dedicated networking effort is more than enough. Choose your networking channels (e.g., LinkedIn, conferences) carefully and become a student of how best to maximize the benefit and minimize the effort of doing so.