Strangers are typically defined as the human beings you encounter in daily life whom, after meeting only once, probability suggests you may never see again. Are they thus important? They sure are. Allowing for a bit of appropriate caution and a modicum of sensitivity, a smile, a kind gesture, or a courtesy bestowed can have a significant positive impact. Lest you doubt it, such things ripple through the universe in a real and tangible way. Practice passing along glad tidings each day, and the world will truly become a better place.

Additionally, there is a benefit to you in just surrounding yourself with others. Sit back and do a little people-watching. Without judgment, consider the following questions:

  • What about them do I find immediately appealing or unappealing? 
  • How can they appear so positive? Negative? 
  • What problems might they be dealing with? 
  • How might I relate to this person? What of their life experiences might be the same/different than mine?

These questions, coupled with thoughtful reflection and follow-on “why” questions, can help grow more fascination, understanding, empathy, insight, and appreciation for your fellow human beings.