Courage is the ability to make progress in the face of fear. Almost everyone has fears, most of which are tied to the most essential and critical of life’s challenges and moments of adversity. Your fullest life demands that you persevere in these times of personal anxiety and stress.

Practice simple acts of courage to conquer fear in all its forms—nervousness, nausea, sweating, etc. Take the next step, persevere till the end, and keep going. With each step comes confidence, greater assurance, and most importantly, the ability to step a little further on the next occasion.

Remember, he/she who might appear brave is frequently the one who has exercised his/her courage muscles the most. They have overcome fears step, by step, by step. The bad news: The greater your fears, the greater your climb. The good news: the journey, while greater, requires the same small steps. So, get moving.