Emotional resilience allows individual capability and capacity to flourish. It enables one’s personal power. In the face of adversity and escalating life challenges, personal power fueled by emotional resilience helps the individual to:  

  • More consistently adhere to personal beliefs and principles
  • Think clearly (and quickly when necessary) in pursuit of effective decision making
  • Behave gracefully and professionally in response to real or perceived external stimuli
  • Sustain energy reserves during periods of long-term stress and moments of potential strain
  • Maintain optimum physiological function during periods of psychological extremes 
  • Restore emotional resilience using the processes of recovery and rejuvenation after periods of high and/or prolonged stress
  • Prevent emotional damage and regression in response to moments of emotional extremes or long-term strain

Life is full of opportunities and risks. To harness the former and minimize the latter requires effective and efficient decision-making. Emotional resilience, or sustainable emotional maturity, expands one’s capacity to constructively decide and act in the face of increasingly greater challenges and periods of more significant adversity.