At Living Better, we are fans of the 16:8 intermittent fasting method. This method involves attempting to restrict your daily eating period to 8 hours.

We like to eat from 11 AM – 7 PM and then fast the rest of the time (mainly because the bulk of the time we are asleep!).

The schedule (your timings may vary): 
·        1900    Dinner concludesStart the sixteen-hour clock.
·        2100    Avoid snacking.
·        2200    Bedtime. Sleep … our favorite, easiest time to fast.
·        0600    Rise and shine!
·        0630    Coffee or tea… great. Maybe a water with lemon, lime, and/or mint.
·        0700    Plan and pack a healthy snack for later … an apple, almonds, or perhaps a banana.
·        0800    Off to work.
·        0830    Another coffee or tea … and for goodness sakes, get busy!
·        1000    Water break … stay hydrated; feel fuller.
·        1100    What, sixteen hours gone already? Start the eight-hour clock. Oh my. Perhaps time for that apple. 
·        1200    Lunch time … keep it green, if possible, eat all you want. Soup and salad – great.  A small sandwich okay, skip the chips. Eat slowly. Allow your body to communicate with your mind, “Okay, we have had enough.” 
·        1300   Back to work. If possible, work in a walk back and forth to lunch. Perhaps take those stairs. Take steps to be as active in the afternoon as possible.
·        1400   Another water break. Again… stay hydrated; feel fuller.
·        1500   How about a green tea? And maybe a banana or a handful of some of those almonds. Maybe some peanut butter.
·        1600   Headed home.
·         1700  Dinner prep. Provide the kids a healthy snack.
·        1800   Family mealtime! Have a hearty, healthy dinner. Remember, eat slowly.
·        1900   Start the sixteen-hour clock for another run.