Ready for some 2022 resolutions?

Here comes 2022! What lifestyle changes and actions will you embrace to help create a longer and more fruitful life? Based on the twelve keys, we offer some suggestions to try on for proper fit and function:

1—Plan to be get busy—make an annual plan and set some (trackable) commitments

2—Get 8 hours of sleep each night on a fixed awake and arise time schedule 

3—Limit sugar/sweet consumption to one day each week 

4—Walk for 30 minutes five times a week

5—Read 2500 words or more on an educational topic each day

6—Get control of your phone… adjust the settings to optimize the helpful and eliminate the distractions

7—Spend five minutes each day being still, quiet, and grateful 

8—Get a flu shot 


10—Avoid toxic people (and their negative thoughts)

11—Invest some time preparing for a graceful exit: Create your version of The Survivor Guide

12—At the end of each calendar quarter, spend an hour reviewing progress against personal commitments and aspired goals

Photo Copyright: grinvalds