Each person’s threat environment is unique and different. Take the time to assess your personal and family threat environment. Consider the following questions:

a—Environmental threats

  1. Where do you live? What unique threats exist in your living environment?
  2. Where do you work? What unique threats exist in your working environment?
  3. What career choices have you made? What unique threats exist due to your occupation?
  4. What sports, hobbies, and leisure activities are you involved in? What unique threats do they pose?
  5. How many family members are you responsible for? What are unique external threats each faces?

b—Personal vulnerabilities

Each person’s vulnerabilities are unique and different. Similarly, the vulnerability of each family member is different. Consider the following questions to define your (and your family’s) vulnerabilities.

  1. How disciplined are you and each family member?
  2. How healthy are you and each family member?
  3. How error-prone are you and each family member?
  4. What specific medical conditions are you (or your family members) susceptible to? 

Take a moment to identify the top environmental threats and personal vulnerabilities for yourself and each family member.

Photo Copyright: gballgiggs