You are not immune to addictive behaviors and the curse of addiction in all its forms. Knowing where the risks are can help with avoidance. While there are many forms, the below table represents some of the most mainstream forms in the order of significance based on environmental exposure, the level of human vulnerability within the population, and the consequences of addiction.

For many living in the modern world, there can be significant, and sometimes constant, exposure to addictive forces. When coupled with individual vulnerability, this exposure can lead to addictive behaviors and segue to full physical or psychological addiction. Especially where the potential consequences are high, addictive behaviors and addiction can have dire consequences for the individual and their loved ones.

The table below attempts to highlight, in the order of threat level, the common areas of addictive forces within the modern world. Each entry is evaluated based on an individual’s potential for exposure to the addictive threat, the probability for personal vulnerability, and the consequences of addiction. No assignment of morality is made or implied to any entry.

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