The best way to combat illness and disease is to prevent its occurrence. Take the offensive and adopt some preventive practices. 

  1. Get additional sleep.
  2. Increase vitamin D intake. Eat foods that are high in vitamin D such as fatty fish, mushrooms, and eggs. Consider a supplement. See a doctor for help with lingering vitamin D deficiency—a common problem.
  3. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  4. Wash your hands and wrists thoroughly and regularly using a prescribed technique.
  5. When sneezing and coughing, use clean tissues; if not available, use your elbow rather than your hands. When hands are used, wash them immediately.
  6. Refrain from sharing foods, drinks, crockery, and utensils with others. 
  7. Avoid time in closed spaces with anyone known to be experiencing a cold or the flu.
  8. Use a mask in high-risk situations to include crowds and/or enclosed spaces.
  9. Avoid unsanitary spaces; take additional steps to clean/disinfect your environment as necessary.
  10. Avoid touching your eyes, ears, mouth, and face unless your hands are recently washed and/or sanitized.