Happiness is elusive. But studies show that you feel better when you are actively thankful. 

  1. Use good manners. The world gets better with every ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’ 
  2. Take a moment each day, to truly ‘count your blessings’. And be specific in your attestation. 
  3. On occasion, write a note or an email or a message to someone for the sole purpose of sharing your appreciation for them and something they did or routinely do that helps you. 
  4. Better yet, express face to face with a friend or colleague how and why they are important to you and how much you appreciate what they bring into your life.

Life can end in a moment’s notice. So, imagine the end. Regardless of circumstances, be thankful to your parents for this life and the opportunities to grow and gain strength. Say thank you to the universe come what may and then live the day with less fear and a lighter heart. 

And do not worry, the world and your loved ones will carry on. They always do.