As the saying goes, what gets measured gets done. So, however you plan to attack learning more, consider a means of tracking your performance. Are you going to read more? Consider the book and page reading metrics in Goodreads. Are you going to study a new language? Consider setting a target for daily study and tracking progress with the application, Duolingo. Or simply create your own tracking mechanism and use it to monitor your progress. And remember to reward yourself when goals are achieved.

Finally, feedback in the way of performance data is always instructive and can be motivating. 

  • Use a fitness watch or other monitoring devices to measure heart rate and provide other critical data relevant to your activity.

  • Keep count of time expended or repetitions completed.

  • Regularly assess your posture and form during a variety of typical activities and exercises. Check and adjust as required. Enlist another to provide honest and objective feedback.

  • Record personal data. Review for trends and insights. Take note of factors before during and after an activity to gain helpful insights.