Positive feedback in many forms can motivate new behaviors and prompt different decisions. Accordingly, a little bit of personal vanity can be a good thing. Take time to…

  • Look in the mirror and assess improvements made and opportunity areas to be pursued. Stand tall and suck in that gut when doing so to help envision the next version of oneself. 

  • Maintain proper hygiene and grooming. Example: Looking old is often a matter of hair in new and unusual places. Remove or trim it.

  • Wear clothing both professionally and casually that compliments your look. Engage unbiased professionals to suggest what best fits your specific body type.

  • Use lotions to moisturize skin and create a younger looking you in real time and defer (if not prevent) the negative impacts of aging.

  • Consider applying a subtle fragrance pleasing to yourself or targeted others.

Photo Credit Copyright: fizkes