There are several lifestyle behaviors and practices that improve your physical capability, and the resulting capability can, in turn, positively impact those lifestyle behaviors and practices, i.e., the virtuous cycle. 

If you follow Living Better closely, you will not be surprised by the following: 

  • Safety first: Stress yourself, but do not strain (i.e., damage) yourself. Consult a physician before undertaking dramatic active lifestyle changes. 

  • Quality sleep: Most people experience a lower sleeping average heart rate and a greater heart rate dip during periods of sleep after an active day. 

  • Healthy eating: Listen carefully to your body before and after rigorous activity. Eat what it needs; not what you can find quickly.

  • Moderation: If you celebrate, then take care to do no harm. If you do overdo it, there is no better remedy than exercise.

Photo Credit Copyright: dolgachov