Each of us is different. There are great similarities amongst all persons and many productivity principles and techniques can be applied by us all, but each of our individual algorithms for optimum productivity will be different. A personal inventory is required to assist in designing your optimum algorithm for productivity.

So, ask yourself:

  1. What skills do I have? What am I good at?
  2. What skills do I lack? What necessary skills may be weak and need improvement?
  3. What positive habits do I regularly demonstrate that can enhance productivity?
  4. What non-helpful tendencies/habits do I have that may negatively impact my productivity?

With an honest assessment in hand, consider how best to leverage, improve, workaround, or mitigate such skills and habits to optimize your personal effectiveness and efficiency, i.e., design your personal algorithm. 

Note: Be aware that in many cases, leveraging a strength can be more impactful than working to improve a weakness. Accordingly, finding a means of working around a weakness may yield greater productivity than investing significant hours of practice in forming a habit or performing a task for which one has little natural affinity.