Update your bucket list for 2022!

We promised we would, and we will right now. Here are some of our ten favorite submissions for bucket list items. Warning, we have favored the unconventional suggestions with a nontraditional twist.

1—Track the International Space Station (ISS) across the night sky—interesting, thought provoking, perspective shaping, and it costs nothing at all apart from a little time and effort.

2—See the northern lights (a.k.a. the aurora borealis) from one of several optimum locations as suggested here. 22 Best Places to See the Northern Lights In 2020

3—Visit one of the planet’s oldest life forms, modern stromatolites, found in Hamelin Pool Marine Nature ReserveShark Bay in Western Australia

4—Take an Uber scooter ride through the streets of Cairo (note: while this does not meet our safety-first standards, we can appreciate the thrill seeker aspect of this notion.) 

5—Spend the afternoon jumping with Sky Dive Dubai over the Palm Island. A thrilling ride with a lot to see on the journey from high to low, to include the famous manufactured island landscapes. 

6—Visit the best Christmas themed towns from around the world as suggested here. 30 Best Christmas Villages and Towns in the World 2021

7—Catch one of your favorite bands for a concert while they can still put on a quality tour. Example: See the July 2021 edition of Robert’s Roundup—Alice Cooper is a great showman, and his concerts are high quality fun. 

8—Take a trip to a country where a newly learned second language is required to survive – well, perhaps not survive, but at least thrive. A place where the locals are not fluent in your native tongue. 

9—Learn how to cook and bake in a class offered at one of several locations of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Locations include Hyde Park, N.Y., St. Helena, California, and San Antonio, Texas. 

10—Travel the Pacific Coast Highway… as a passenger, never the driver!

11—Attend the Kentucky Derby. Wear a fun hat and drink a mint julep. 

12—And finally and out of respect for this month’s Anglophilia topic, attend a proper non-American football game with an appropriate hoard of rabid fans 

We hope some of the items above have stoked the fires of adventure and exploration as you lookout to the 2022 horizon and beyond. 

Photo Copyright: dasha11